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Only a few weeks to go until Mother's Day! Time passes very fast! And do you want to know something else? After the Hot Sale and the...

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Only a few weeks to go until Mother's Day!

Time passes very fast! And do you want to know something else? After the Hot Sale and of cyber monday, Mother's Day is the date that makes online sales grow the most!

In Colombia, it is estimated that 97% of citizens celebrate this date and spend between $100,000 thousand and $200,000 thousand on gifts (let's make a parenthesis, who would not want that money to be invested in the business itself), especially in articles of clothing, footwear, accessories and gift vouchers, according to Yilda Castro, director of the National Federation of Merchants (Fenalco), Atlántico.

According to figures from the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, for special dates there is an increase in the penetration of electronic commerce between 50% and 80%.

In ,Total e-marketing we want you to sell more Mother's Day, especially since last year, this special date went unnoticed by businesses due to the pandemic and all its ravages, however, if you already sell virtually through an e-commerce, virtual store, Instagram, Facebook Shopping or If you simply offer home services, we recommend that you start with the following tips imperatively, that is, NOW! because as the saying goes, tomorrow is too late:

1. Create a good marketing and communication strategy!

Plan a strong strategy marketing and communication. How? Currently, neuromarketing confirms that the marketing of emotions is the king and, if we talk about moms, it makes a lot of sense, right? Your posts can be aimed at emotions or humor, long before they are for sale. For example, in 2020 we created this campaign for one of our brands.

Do you notice the message?

Nowhere is the direct sale of the product seen, however, we do reference the softener when comparing it to how soft mommy hugs are.

2. Offer discount coupons and special promotions.

Be smart about communication and use terms like: FREE, PROMOTION, 2X1, DISCOUNT. Play with Neuromarketing to generate that purchase need in your consumers.

3. Create a concept that suits the date and your products and/or services.

If you sell, for example, fabric softener, a concept could be: 'Nothing softer like mom's love'.

4. Customize your website design for this month.

Design a feed of Instagram according to the date and with the concept you chose, so your followers and future customers will feel more identified.

5. Plan and control your stock of products and/or services.

Control your stock daily and make sure that you will be able to meet your customers, if you run out of a reference, notify it immediately so that this does not cause inconvenience to your buyers.

6. Optimize shipments.

For this too, expand your payment gateway, make your customer have many purchase options so that the experience is pleasant and easy, in addition, you can add added value with each purchase.

7. Make a campaign of ,email marketing

Speaking of adding visits to your ecommerce or virtual store, it is also essential that you carry out email marketing with content focused exclusively on the date. For example, you can promote your special products for moms and talk about discounts.

We recommend that you start all actions at least one month before Mother's Day, so you give your customers time to make purchase decisions. Finally, you can add one more to these two strategies: paid online advertising campaigns. Without a doubt Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the best.


Come on, there's not much left! We are sure that these tips will help you add more and more sales on the next Mother's Day. If you need help, contact us!, with our strategies, special days will be a "boom" for your brand.

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