Requirements to have a virtual business in Colombia

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Requirements to have a virtual business in Colombia. eCommerce is a global phenomenon in Colombia. A new study from the Department...

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Requirements to have a virtual business in Colombia.

eCommerce is a global phenomenon in Colombia. A new study of National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) reveals that in March 2021 digital sales have reached up to 71% more compared to the same period of the previous year. This is an important milestone that defines a year of growth in the digital industry. In the country, the entity that regulates this trade is the Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

If you are thinking of creating your own online store or your eCommerce! The time is now, at Te-m we teach 6 steps that will help you achieve it the right way. Let's do it!

1. In Colombia, to sell any product or service both physically and online you must have RUT (Unique Tax Registry), which you must issue at the DIAN. Also, you can register as a company in the Chamber of Commerce and thus obtain a NIT (Tax Identification Number).

See the steps to get the RUT

2. To start you must have a domain and hosting, here we explain how create your online store for FREE .

3. Link your store with a banking platform

Once you have built your e-commerce you must link the platform on which the store was built with the platform of the bank that you have chosen, for this you must use legally authorized platforms, not any platform can be linked with the electronic banking system and It is important that you know that you must go to these gateways to be able to sell to your customers online.

When you choose the payment gateway you must take into account:

Your customers will be able to pay you with
multiple choices.

· Integration plugins.

· Sales commission.

· The money does not go directly to your bank account.

· Security and support.

· Support.

The most recommended payment gateways in Colombia for their ease, speed, integration and trajectory, are: Wompi, PayU. EpayCo

How to receive international payments?

All payment platforms handle: Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, which are available on all continents.

Remember that the transferred money is converted into the local currency where your business is located. If you are paid from the United States, Mexico or anywhere in the world, the currency will change to Colombian pesos (if your store is in this country).

4. Products sold online have a VAT, 19% (value added tax) according to the latest tax reform in the country. It is false that in Colombia a different VAT is handled for products that are marketed digitally.

5. So that your customers receive the products locally and nationally We recommend hiring logistics operators such as Servientrega, Coordinadora and TCC. Once you contract their services you will obtain an account for your company in their system, in which you must set up a file before 11:00 am with detailed information on where the merchandise should be collected and the data of its recipient.

6. You must include a clause with the terms and conditions within the eCommerce, so that the customer is clear about the conditions of purchase, shipping and guarantees.

You already have everything. Now how else do you sell your products or services?

For that you must create a digital marketing campaign and start generating visits and purchases in your store.

It has the Te-m team, a group of dreamers and creatives, we will make your brand grow, position itself and be remembered. Some strategies we will do are:

· Position yourself in the most important search engines such as Google through the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

· Disseminate content on social networks where your potential customers are.

At Te-m we can help you choose the right payment platform for your eCommerce, And if you don't have an online store yet or you want to improve the one you're using, don't worry, we can help you.

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