Keys to identify whether your business is B2B or B2C

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In the world of sales there are two business models, B2B and B2C, which differ depending on the end customer. In te-m we give you...

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In the world of sales there are two business models, B2B and B2C, which differ depending on the end customer. In you-m We give you 5 keys so you can learn to identify what your type of business is, so you can better plan marketing strategies and achieve more sales.

1. B2C stands for Business to Consumer, which literally means "business to consumer". An example is any brand that offers retail consumer products on digital platforms or physical stores such as Netflix or Spotify. In you-m We advise different B2C companies such as: luksus Store Y metta.

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2. B2B refers to Business to Business, that is, those companies that market their products or services to other companies. For example, in our company we accompany the processes of companies excel Y Zuled . In this business model, marketing should be aimed at showing effective solutions that help other companies. Inform and educate potential customers.

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3. B2C marketing creates direct relationships with the consumer. It does not focus only on selling, but also on showing the novelties of the brand and creating needs. Seduce potential customers to provoke the desire to buy.

4. A B2B business may have a longer sales process compared to a B2C. This is mainly because the B2B sale usually involves more money, which makes the purchase decision longer.

5. In the B2B context, sales techniques and methods focus on developing a tailor-made solution together with the client.

The pandemic has pushed companies, both B2B and B2C, to the limit of digital transformation, which is why in Colombia, the e-commerce landscape is promising for both forms of sales.

Some of the marketing strategies you can implement are:

· Content marketing to consolidate the online shopping culture.

· SEO so that users find you in their searches.

· Social Media to create a solid digital presence.

· Remarketing to arouse purchasing interest.

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