Ecommerce Trends for 2021

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E-commerce has been growing exponentially thanks to the ease and convenience they offer. According to the Chamber of Commerce...

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E-commerce has been growing exponentially thanks to the ease and convenience they offer. According to Chamber of Electronic Commerce This is the top 4 of the reasons why people buy online:

> 60% Receive products at the door of your house.

> 57% Saves time.

> 55% Avoid crowds.

> 55% You can compare prices and quality before you buy.

If you are about to start your online store, we invite you to know the categories of favorite products and services to acquire through digital channels:

> 66% Food delivery.

> 57% Fashion.

> 52% Beauty and personal care.

> 46% Electronic.

> 43% Home appliances.

With a broader context of e-Commerce in 2021, in total e-marketing, we compiled the 5 trends for online sales this year.

> Growth of purchases by mobile devices

The rise of mobile shopping is another noticeable trend in eCommerce. Mobile commerce sales are forecast to grow 15% 1T2T by the end of 2021. Additionally, mobile sales will account for 73% 1T2T of all e-commerce sales.

> Personalization

Personalization of customer interaction has become an integral part of selling. This trend has positioned itself as a staple in e-commerce businesses as it can improve the customer experience. However, there are many ways to take advantage of personalization in cross-channel sales.

> omnichannel sales

It's time to embrace multi-channel selling. Why? Consumers have been buying from different online sellers including Amazon, brand store, eBay, mom-and-pop stores and Facebook. This trend is inevitable as eCommerce businesses are destined to grow and with growth comes the need to integrate inventory.

> Social shopping

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been equipped with “buy buttons”, which allow retailers to sell through them. Online stores have also been establishing links with social media platforms, allowing customers to make purchases through them. Exposure to social media results in more people learning about a product or service.

It is necessary that you can dump your inventory to platforms like Facebook Shops and connect it with Instagram to enable the Instagram Product tagging function (very valuable to tag your products so that people can buy). Without a doubt, one of the most important e-Commerce trends for 2021 and that is already available in Colombia.

From our experience with Colombian brands such as garotas , by adapting social networks as a shopping center, the conversion of potential customers to real customers becomes easier. And we make sales omnichannel.

> Ecological products to sell much more

Our experience in creating e-Commerce focused on organic food has been incredible, we created the concept of ,metta, a functional marketplace that is focused on that, on taking care of your health with organic products, brought from the field to your table.

> What should you do?

Keeping these eCommerce trends in mind in 2021 is going to make the way you sell online much better, so you can build a much stronger business.

However, having an online store is not an easy thing. It is necessary that you have enough knowledge and a lot of patience. If you need experts to help you create your e-Commerce strategies, in you-m we make it possible, we put at your disposal our eCommerce creation service. We help you get more sales, attract more customers and meet your goals

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