Data: the key to making digital marketing decisions

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The pandemic has made everyone want to be a data specialist to learn to understand the virus and account for its reach, the world...

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The pandemic has made everyone want to be data specialists to learn to understand the virus and account for its scope, the world in 2020 already revolves around data analysis and in 2021 data is everything. For example, the algorithms used by social networks such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are based on your mobilization and interaction data in both the real and virtual worlds.

Ask yourself this question: Do you exploit the data collected by all the digital platforms of your business such as the website, e-commerce and social networks? If your answer is NO, let me tell you dear friend that you are throwing away valuable information, that if you analyze it carefully it is as if you were voting money.

Infallible tool to understand the data

In ,you-m We want to show you a complete tool so that you can analyze the data of your digital content quickly and, above all, in an understandable way for learners. These analyzes are so 'crumbly', that is, so easy to understand, that you can use that information for your digital strategy.

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What is Zoho Analytics?

In you-m we use a more complete tool that is, Zoho Analytics, no matter where your data is, with this tool you can perform analysis and generate reports in detail. Data synchronization is automatic and can be scheduled to occur on a regular basis.

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For example, with the wonderful software of zoho you can generate real-time reports that allow you to obtain information on various metrics, such as sales trends, marketing campaigns, activity reports and team performance and with all that analysis you can design effective strategies and tactics that help meet the objectives of the company. marketing strategy.

Do you get the message? Your marketing strategy will have a north and you will be able to know when you should change it, give it a twist or leave it as it is. Practically Zoho Analytics it will be a 'WITCH' that will keep you forewarned so that you can make assertive decisions and create more powerful and winning marketing campaigns.

Best of all, the data you ZOHO gives you, you will be able to interpret them with pure intuition and with tutorials that the tool has in its ,YouTube channel, there are no excuses to take full advantage of this tool.

It is true that knowing how to interpret data is a challenge, but if you have the right tool you will go one step ahead of all brands, because you will have DATA in your possession. Who is interested in your service/product? Where do you connect from? Y the data is currently SALES and marketing strategies are the only means we have available to sell.

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